Well-being Kept Simple

Women's Wellness is our priority.

Our philosophy at "The Wellness Shed" is about keeping things Simple:   

Keeping the "Mind" open to new experiences which give you a sense of "Wellbeing & Purpose"

Keeping the "Body" moving, pain free, healthy and doing the best that "You" can for "You"

Keeping the "Spirit" of who you are as a person....... joyful, light and with a sense of freedom to be who "You" want to be.

The Wellness Shed focuses on Women's Wellness and is about supporting each women. ENCOURAGING you to be the best you can be in a balanced, healthy manner. Not limiting ourselves by living in doubt or fear of growing older.

The Wellness Shed For Women offers:

One on One Fitness Coaching

Small Group Fitness Sessions

Masssage Therapy

Reiki Stress Therapy

Please contact us if you require any further information. [email protected]

The Wellness Shed and its partners are sincerely dedicated and committed to the education and the caring of you… allowing life to simply flow with enjoyment and wellbeing.

"finding balance" by woodleywonderworks / CC BY

The Wellness Shed