Swedish Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing and nourishing massage, designed to bring about a sense of deep relaxation which enables destressing of the mind and body. Based on the same principle as human touch, massage is the oldest method of promoting good health, suppleness and strength. Today, the role of massage therapy is recognized by the general public and other health care professionals as being an effective health care alternative. Due to public perception and desire, massage therapy has grown into a more prominent position. It is a viable and respected profession promoting good health not only for your physical but emotional well being also. Massage Therapy is the kneading, manipulation or application of methodical pressure and friction of the body. 

Using Swedish massage techniques designed for Nourishing the body with gentle movements and Aromatherapy oils, relaxing and calming, relieving any physical stress or emotional tension. Ideal if you wish to unwind, sleep or nurture yourself.



Casual: 30 min - $40           60 min - $65         90 min - $90


(A cancellation fee of $15 will be charged if less than 12 hours notice is given to therapist)


The Wellness Shed